HEALTH ADVICE – Saturday 15th September

NUTRITIONAL ADVICE with Charlotte Palmer

Charlotte will be in store on Saturday 15th Septmebre
Nutrional Advice usually starts at about £70 for an initial session.
Charlotte is offering a one hour, one to one, consultation for just £30.

It is never too late to make small changes that make a big differnce.
Do you really know what a healthy diet is for you?
We have a health crises in the UK.
With over 6 million living with heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
It is not just chronic inflammation underpinning the epidemic but poor gut health too.

If you are overweight, low in energy or bloated then these could be red flags for future issues.

Book a Consultation to see Charlotte next Saturday.
Call 0208 366 5108 and make an appointment.
You can speak in confidence with Jill or Cindy.
Hope to see you soon

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