Wine & Beer making will be discontinued- Special Offers!

I have tried to support so many different communities from the shop in the 14 years that I have been running it.

Sadly as Home Brewing has apparently declined we have lost money, so we are selling off the little stock we have and will not be placing any more orders .

Apologies for not continuing our service to you!

We have currently:

in-date selection of Red Bulb HOlders for 8gm C02 bulbswine and beer yeasts and a few of the Youngs Chemicals and Beer and Lager Kits plus..

Reduced for quick sale

  • 1 x Electric Heating tray was ¬£29.50 – Now ¬£19.00
  • Handy Air Locks
  • ¬†Straining bags,
  • 1 Hydrometer,
  • 2 x White Wine Definitives
  • Rubber Bungs and Corks for 1 gallon
  • Red Cown Caps for Beer Bottles
  • Finings
  • Bulb Holders for 8gm CO2 Bulbs – 50p

When they are gone they are gone!

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