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Friday, June 24th, 2016

This week we have on offer:



NEW in Garden Cress – Peppery Tiny Cress _ Green or Purple – for your salads or sandwiches

English Organic Strawberries from £3.35

Blueberries     Blackberries     Raspberries

Cripps Pink (aka Pink lady) Organic Apples -crisp, tasty and juicy

Pineapple and Mangoes and Clementines and unwaxed Lemons

Delicious leafy Salad Bags  and Lettuce from Forty Hall Farm

Courgettes and French Beans and  New Potatoes from Forty Hall Farm

Avocvadoes      Sweet Potatoes     Courgettes      Portobello Mushrooms     Onions   – Celery…

Kiwis    Grapefruit – Large Oranges – Clementines – Bananas

 Come and See us ..

You can get everything you need here, evironmentally friendly household products and toiletries including..

A host of flours, many speciality and/or  gluten free, many special dietary foods from pasta to biscuits and cereals.

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