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Nutritional Advice Free – Saturday 11th May

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

Saturday 11th May 10am til 4pm
Eat yourself healthier and fitter Yes, it is truly possible!
Or have you changed your diet recently and need some extra guidance?
Start by coming and having a herbal tea and informal chat with Charlotte.

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How are you feeling?
Maybe you are trying a Plant Based Diet?
Maybe you are trying to do without sugar and finding it tough?
Arthritis, ME, IBS or other gut issues can all be helped by eating the right foods and avoiding others.
Under active Thyroid? Can Seawed help?
Do you need help managing your wieght?
Vitamin deficiencies can be life threatening.
..Do you get enough B12?
Charlotte can help you decide..
Pop in for a cup of herbal tea and a chat..
With our compliments xx
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Any queries just give us a call, we are old fashioned, love to talk to people.

Tel: 0208 366 5108 .