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What is Kefir?

Friday, September 22nd, 2017


Written by "Mount OLympus"


Can be made from Cow’s Milk Goat’s Milk or Water

Similar to drinking yogurt, kefir is a fermented drink which is light and fizzy in texture; a power pack of healthy ‘non-transient’ bacteria that has positive benefits for your gut microbiome. When combined with a processed-food- free diet (low sugar, and free of cows’ milk and High-GI) this is a perfect way to add good fats to your daily eating habits.

How can kefir help you?

Microbiome is the 2kg of bacteria that typically lives inside your gut.
This beneficial bacteria works with your system to break down food and transform it into energy that acts as the building blocks for your bones, skins, muscles and organs. However, with modern day life, stress, antibiotics, sugar and other environmental toxins work against this
natural process. This can manifest itself into eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea. Kefir’s strains of live friendly bacteria can help restore imbalance, repopulate and allow the healthy bacteria to flourish once more, and restore your microbiome.

How should you take your kefir?

Drinking 170ml first thing in the morning before food allows the friendly bacteria to run free in your gut. For those who like to drink water and lemon first in the morning, we suggest that you continue to do so, but drink kefir afterwards. Allow some time to pass before having breakfast, giving your body a chance to absorb that bacteria.

Water kefir

Apart from traditional kefir we also produce water kefir. This vegan-friendly alternative is perfect for those who are looking for all the benefits of kefir’s magical probiotic cultures which are normally limited to dairy products. It includes a wide range of organic acids, lactobacillus bacteria, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants beneficial for the body.

What makes our kefir so special? ( Mount Olympus)

Our refreshing kefir is made with Greek tradition! Using free-roaming Greek goats’ milk, we lovingly ferment the pasteurised milk with live kefir culture. By using this traditional process we enable the powerful bacteria to flourish, producing between six to eight billion beneficial bacterial strains. The process ensures that it is safe for pregnant women, children, elderly and those with compromised immunity.

Goats’ milk has been proven to be more beneficial than cows’ milk, boasting a smoother curd. It also has a proportionately higher short and medium chain of fatty acids and lower lactose levels, meaning that its enzymes
are easier to break down and digest. It’s a great alternative for those with allergies and intolerances to cows’ milk. Oh, and the taste? Well, that’s pretty fantastic too! Kefir is far more powerful than taking a dried microbiotic and tastes better too! Kefir contains many different strains of live bacteria, thriving in their own environment. If you have been taking a powdered or pill-based microbiotic, you may stop – you will no longer need it!




Kefir can be produced by fermentation of milk … but contains different lactic acid bacteria! In fact, kefir contains lactic acid bacteria that are not found in yogurt. It may be called yoghurt milk fermented with Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria and thermophilus Streptococcus , but that can be found in many other yeast products.


Instead, our kefirs contain dozens of different types of bacteria and yeasts which are  able to reach the portions of the intestine where bacteria of yoghurt does not arrive.


The enzymes in yogurt allow it to easily be digested, but not all other foods. The enzymes found in Kefir though  can colonize the colon and help the digestion of other foods, not only of kefir. The kefir contains yeasts bacilli unlike yogurt yeasts permitting the destruction of other harmful bacilli in the intestine and also has the property of adhering to the intestinal wall, creating a sort of barrier. Granules of kefir is smaller than that of yogurt and therefore are more easily digested. 



Kombucha = caffeine +  more sugar (25-30% of sugar per average drink bottle) + heavier on the yeast + 4-6 strains of beneficial bacteria/yeast, not suitable for kids and pregnant women

Water Kefir = caffeine free + less sugar (around 6% of sugar per average bottle) + 14-40 strains of beneficial bacteria + suitable for babies, pregnant and elderly people.




• Our popular artesian water kefirs provide a delicious, sparkling ‘live’ refreshment – perfect for those who are looking for a dairy-free option.

• They are ideal for abdominal bloating, nausea, coughing, vomiting, diarrhoea, and rheumatism, and they reduce clotting and blood pressure. They activate and stimulate the body, and illuminate the mind, putting a rejuvinating spring back into your step. They also increase blood circulation, act as a digestive, stimulate aiding fluid secretion in the stomach and dilute the blood, allowing it to flow more comfortably and, hence, supplying the brain with more oxygen and nutrients.

• Our kefirs are made by hand with exquisite materials and faith in a quality diet.

• Our products are live and active, thus the visible probiotic bacteria at the bottom of the bottle and
the slight differentiation of the taste as the product ferments naturally further in the bottle.

ginger water kefir

• Our ginger drink is the perfect combination of kefir grains and the soothing warmth of ginger. It is a wonderfully healthy and effervescent option for those who are looking for an alternative to sugary fizzy drinks.

‘mojito’ water kefir

• Try our ‘mojito’ option – also a UK first! This aromatic spearmint drink is a wonderful way to get refreshed and healthy, all at the same time!



Goats milk kefir -Plain

• Kefir is a live culture drink designed to re-establish a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut biome. Our kefir is made with fresh goats’ milk and real kefir grains. The entire process of making this traditional drink, from milking the goats, to bottling the kefir, is all done by small family run businesses.

Goats Lemon kefir

• We are pleased to offer, again for the first time in the UK, our new lemon kefir. Infused with the sweet flavour of lemon. This kefir is bursting with citrus flavour and is simply a delicious alternative for those who like a little pizazz in their drinks!

• We use ingredients from local producers and suppliers to make sure that our products are fresh. We are strict with our processes and are against artificial stimulating hormones and antibiotics. We do not allow any of them to contaminate the milk that we use to make our products. So, confidently enjoy our healthy kefir!